About Us

We are here to create an awareness and appreciation of art and crafts, to discover and transmit the knowledge and create lasting contributions to a global society through promoting critical thinking, imagination and innovation.

We Are The Leaders In This Industry

Leaders in Craft hats, tie and dye, bags and jewelery sales and training.To us, crafting is a passion first and a business second. Our goal to become a leader in arts and crafts extends business success, it’s to wake up everyday to do something we love. Our commitment to learning is unwavering, and we love nothing more than sharing our knowledge. We’ve lived the therapeutic power of crafting, and we want to give the world the chance to experience of seeing the beauty that can come from their own hands. Ever voice in this world is new, and by teaching someone something new everyday, we hope to contribute to more of those voices being heard. But above all, it’s to have fun. All that we are as Thebe Krafts would not be worth it, if we, and that includes you, do not have fun doing it.

Our advantages

The things that make us special

Sharing Knowledge

We believe knowledge shared is never wasted but invested.

Passion & Creativity

Innovation is the mother of invention and without passion, nothing can be done better. We passionately strive to o be innovative. ​

Learning And Improvement

The skilful man did not wake up a master but became one through continuous learning and improvement

Loads And Loads Of Fun

We take our work seriously, but never ourselves. We are dedicated to making our workshops/trainings as funny yet as educative as possible. ​