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We are here to create an awareness and appreciation of art and crafts, to discover and transmit the knowledge and create lasting contributions to a global society through promoting critical thinking, imagination and innovation.

What to expect from THEBE Krafts!!!

Crafts Sales


We create custom craft hats, tie and dye, bags and jewelery.If getting your hands dirty isn’t for you, then we got your needs covered. We get that the pin pricks can be a bit annoying, or you just pressed for time, but you deserve some craft goodies too. Thebe Krafts manufactures a nice range of crafts you can buy ready made from us. We craft for a living, every day, so you can rest assured our style is the best there is. We do not craft according to trends, we set the trends people craft to. Get in touch with us to view a catalog of pre-made goodies, or have something made completely to your own specifications. What you’ll get is quality that lets your personality shine through, always.

Crafting Classes and Team Building Experiences



We are continuously learning something new and discovering more about our passion for crafting, that’s why we’ve tailored packages for people who want to get their learn on. These classes are designed for those who want to learn to start a business, or just for the fun of it. They are delivered by very qualified, fun facilitators, and you leave with not only a certificate to show off your skills, but something you made to show off the fun you had. Our classes are good for individuals, friends, family, or colleagues, and their relaxing nature will build better bonds, relationships and teams.

Thebe Krafts' Promise to You

We hold ourselves to some very lofty goals in our quest to make the world a better place, one craft at a time, and these include;

To become a leading name in terms of crafts training and designing

To be lifelong learners who take time to teach and design crafts

To give the world a chance to discover the satisfaction of making something by your own hands

To give everybody a chance to find their own creative voice through crafts

To get a chance to share knowledge in craft making and teach someone something new

Consistent Support

Thebe Krafts is a family, and when you join us, we walk with you to make sure you have the resources you need to be a great crafter.

Timely Delivery

Whether you want to buy crafts from us or you want to learn with us, we understand that your time is important and we’ll respect it always.


While we realize we are all about fun and imagination, we know how big our promises are, and we promise to always put our best foot forward.

Passion & Imagination

Crafting is all about losing yourself in your own mind and producing a product that not only sets you apart, but shows the emotion in you.



  • Qualified Facilitators
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Certification